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About Us

We are an innovative company with a sense for new trends and a strong belief that everyone deserves affordable and convenient access to prescribed medicine without having to repetitively take all steps each time they visit a doctor.

We believe that great sex life is an important human need and that it belongs in basic healthcare. You shouldn’t need to do burdensome medical, administrative, and legal procedures to enjoy good health, sex included. is the product of an idea conceived back in 2013 and started a few months later in order to help people get access to custom treatments for lasting sexual confidence and self-esteem. Instead of being in constant combat with the overpowering expensive U.S. healthcare system, we help clients get their medicine with ease by purchasing it online. Along with flexible and adjustable subscription plans to varying tablet packs, you get professional medical support that can help with diagnosis and prescribing the right tablets and the right dosage.

Our business model is based on user focus. Once you get your membership, you have overcome many of the conventional healthcare hurdles. Give it a go now to see what it is like going to the doctor with ease and pleasure!

Mint Pharmacy and Skin Clinic
1201 US Hwy 1 Ste 305,
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